March 2009.

In Ayuthhaya HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the German Company of Entrend GmbH open the new Joint Venture Company of IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya. The target is to produce low cost houses for humanitarian aid.

July 2009.

IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. , HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Entrend GmbH from Germany will present his new Showhouse (Dome House) with additional products of technologies on an open event. All international institutions and international non-profit organizations are welcome. Plaese contact our office for more information.


Welcome to the world of Host Advanced


With HOST ADVANCED (THAILAND) CO., LTD. you can find a partner with a high level of international experience in your business. We can provide much kind of high class technology, especially in future environment protection technology, and in international trading of recycling material. We also support products for humanitarian aid programs, as a non-commercial program for NGO's and government institutions, especially in countries with a high ranking of nature disasters, refugees and people of urban poor areas.


Our company is working with an international team from Thailand, Germany and Japan. In co-operation with developer in Thailand, Germany and Japan we can provide technologies with an international reputation. Our major markets are in the Asia-Pacific region and the region of Central Africa.


In preparation for the future market, we like to setup braches in different countries here in Asia and also in Africa. This decision makes it necessary to provide a good service in different locations.


We are committed to providing competitive and innovative service solutions that ensure complete customer satisfaction. We know already that many of our products will have a political background. This keeps us in a kind of political responsibility with a commitment of top quality and service. Our obligation is it to present our company philosophy to all media institutions to report all new developments.

This is the web page where our team members announce Many Thanks to all the wonderful people who assist our project:


HOST ADVANCED (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is not only a company for the commercial market. The obligation is it to provide an environmental green concept, and produce products for the poorest people in the world. The number of natural disasters, refugees and poorness is growing very fast. Our target is very clear, this challenge to provide good products in top quality, in long durability and the best consulting as service has to create with a high reputation.