March 2009.

In Ayuthhaya HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the German Company of Entrend GmbH open the new Joint Venture Company of IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya. The target is to produce low cost houses for humanitarian aid.

July 2009.

IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. , HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Entrend GmbH from Germany will present his new Showhouse (Dome House) with additional products of technologies on an open event. All international institutions and international non-profit organizations are welcome. Plaese contact our office for more information.


Host Advanced - developer for one "Children Adventure Hotel"


HOST ADVANCED (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is in development with national and international partners for the first "Children Adventure Hotel" in Asia.


This Hotel is only for children in an age between 7 and 14


The group of age between 7 and 14 are the best age as clients for this hotel. This is the age where between searching and to experience, between dream world and reality, between TV-hero's and realistically adventures, to find they own identification. In a normal life, kids are following only the rules of parents, teachers and child-minder without the possibility to find they own personality. All spoken wishes and dreams will be always vote down from the parents or others. This creates often an unintelligible situation and out of this dissatisfaction. Children are creating in their own fantasy, they own little dream world. These are sometimes just a simple dream. But very often, even this realistic dream will be always unreachable.

With this concept of a Children Adventure Hotel, some of the secret dream for these children can be reality. The creation and performance of this hotel is developed from the dreams of children in this special group of age.




The free time action activities will be developed from the wishes and dreams of the children. But this free time action activities have to be different from the normal daily home activities. The interest is it to bring them away from normal action, TV, computer games or just back yard soccer.

We will create adventure activities like pony riding, touching zoo, adventure tracking tours in the jungle, mountain rock claiming, night camping with open fire place, fishing, swimming adventure park with water sliding and water fall, wild water channel, maybe a cart race track without race character for learning traffic rules, bus travel tours to other nature parks, agriculture land area etc. Important is it also that this hotel will be also a meeting point for our kids from all over the world. Also a center for different religion will be offering.


Where all the children come from


Children as only clients, yes that's possible. Any parents they're traveling to Thailand can bring his kids to this hotel. They check in like in any other Hotel. But they will be not the main clients. This hotel is even perfect for school classes from all over the world. This hotel is not only a fun place, it is also an education place for learning, and for the development of personality and characters. But most important are the kids coming from international NGO's for children care. Those kids normally never have the possibility to go for vacation. A special funding can create this opportunity. Some organizations already have this kind of budget. They just need a location for kids holiday.


Psychological aspect


From the psychological aspect are important that children may not stay longer than 7 days in this hotel. The psychological background let us know that kids very happy about some days of independency, but after short time the kids develop a need of communication to the parents, family members, teachers, child-minder and friends. These kids like to share his experience in the way of communication. It creates a special feeling of happiness, and developed a kind of self-confidence. The circumstances of listening to they own trust persons give the kids a final happiness of a great life experience and also a high personal valuation.


The Hotel as "Green concept"


This Hotel complex will be built in Bungalow style of futuristic Dome Houses (like in Star Wars Movies). The identification to be in a different world will give the kids a feeling of a magic travel. But this will be not all. The whole project will be created in an environmental friendly concept. The used water will be cleaned in an Hotel biological water cleaning resources; the trash recycling will be ecologically separated. Fruit and vegetables will be from own biological farms. The kids have the opportunity to be involved in all this process of environmental care and protection.


In the village "Sunpaton" near Chiang Mai, on 120 rai (about 19.2 hectares) this hotel will be built.


This is the drawing from our partner architect in Ching Mai



Please contact our office for more information!!!!