March 2009.

In Ayuthhaya HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the German Company of Entrend GmbH open the new Joint Venture Company of IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya. The target is to produce low cost houses for humanitarian aid.

July 2009.

IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. , HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Entrend GmbH from Germany will present his new Showhouse (Dome House) with additional products of technologies on an open event. All international institutions and international non-profit organizations are welcome. Plaese contact our office for more information.


The History of Host Advanced


Since 2002, HOST ADVANCED (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has provided service in Manufacturing supporter, later the board of company thought that this business still have gab for adding more service.


The expansion of business made the Board of Company to contact and invest with foreigner companies to grow into the high quality Company with an excellent reputation.


Our company providing high quality service we give more attention to our customers. Timeline and Safety are the important issues for us.


Our goal also is the development in the international business (Import - Export) to setup the market in Overseas. Manufacturing, quality control and "In Time Delivery" will create a long term trust relationship with our clients.


On 26th June 2002, HOST ADVANCED (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has registered as a Company at the Department of Trade Registration Ayutthaya.


Number of Registration: 1195400065

Mr. Masashi Kunugi (Japan) is Director

Mr. Thananatt Wongsaikittichoke (Thailand) is General Director


Board of Directors, Management and Employees has created a professional team for Host Advanced with worldwide experience.

Japanese and Thai have developed to provide high class service and top quality.