March 2009.

In Ayuthhaya HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the German Company of Entrend GmbH open the new Joint Venture Company of IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya. The target is to produce low cost houses for humanitarian aid.

July 2009.

IDOMUS German-Thai Dome House Systems Co., Ltd. , HOST ADVANCED (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Entrend GmbH from Germany will present his new Showhouse (Dome House) with additional products of technologies on an open event. All international institutions and international non-profit organizations are welcome. Plaese contact our office for more information.


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With our worldwide network, we can reach customer around the world. With the guarantee of quality, in time delivery, and long term service support keeps our clients in a trustful business relationship.


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The relationship with our suppliers is based of high technology, top quality products and long time experience. We always develop new relationships with new supplier and developer.


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Our business Partners are trustful Partners in Joint Venture, Co-operative Partners in Product Development, Recycling, Product Supplier for the Import & Export Market, International co-operate Partner, Commercial and Manufacturing Development.